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Best benefits communications - large employer

BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas
(Entered by Vebnet)

Ian Mackenzie, head of pensions and benefits UK, BNP Paribas

This award is designed to recognise an organisation with more than 5,000 employees that has demonstrated an effective and innovative approach to benefits communication, be it through face-to-face, print, social or digital media.

BNP Paribas faced a communications minefield when tasked with successfully communicating the move to a new single benefits scheme from seven previous programmes which covered seven different businesses, each with differing workforce profiles and cultures.

A key feature of its wide-reaching communications strategy was the use of examples of peer behaviour to drive employee actions. This was the first time the organisation had used such a tactic in benefits communications.

The judges were impressed with both its approach and its results.

The judges said: “It creatively harnessed peer selections and behaviours to inform communications. It demonstrated significant savings and real bottom-line benefit.”

The winner said: “Communication has made a real difference. We now have highly engaged employees. 90% of our employees went into the online flex portal this year and 80% actually changed their benefits, which is all thanks to the communication around it. “We really aim to be a high-value brand and get our employees to recognise that. We hope behaviour will change even further in the future. This award has benchmarked us for external endorsement.”

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