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Best benefits to support working carers

Baker and McKenzie
(Entered by Thomsons Online Benefits)

Debbie Dunkley, head of reward and employee relations, Baker and McKenzie

This award recognises the steps taken by employers to support employees who are carers, whether they are caring for children, elderly relatives or disabled friends and family.

Baker and McKenzie’s comprehensive approach to supporting working carers goes far beyond what is typically offered in the legal sector.

The judges were impressed with the breadth of its strategy, which is designed to support and retain working carers. Its offering includes: enhanced shared parental leave, 26 weeks’ maternity leave at full pay, a parental network, maternity and parental leave coaching, emergency care and a wide range of flexible-working arrangements.

The judges said: “This is innovative, I have not seen it done before, in a well-ordered collected manner. It is bold in sharing what it is going to do. Great diversity, which is much needed in this industry and commendable.”

The winner said: “We offer all our employees a wide range of benefits. “I think agile working will become the norm as the workforce ages, so we’re preparing for it.
“As the demand for flexible and agile working increases, employers will really need to adapt to it.”