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Best staff travel policy

Coventry City Council
Coventry City Council ‘My car’ scheme
(Entered by Leasedrive)

Jane Williams, payroll support and project specialist at Coventry City Council

For this award, the judges were looking for an employer that has implemented a successful strategy that has made company cars and allowances effective as a benefit in their organisation. The judges liked Coventry City Council’s approach to implementing a tax-efficient car salary sacrifice scheme for its employees. Its ethical procurement process, charitable donations initiative and links to the local community through its use of ethical suppliers particularly stood out. Its creation of a framework agreement, meanwhile, has resulted in a scheme that can be rolled out in other public sector organisations.

The judges said: “We loved its innovation, particularly the way in which it links its strategy to the local community by using local suppliers, and its ethical procurement process.”

The winner said: “[The car leasing scheme] is one of our biggest benefits. This award highlights that, as an organisation, we are trying to invest in getting our people to work. But it also shows the scheme’s importance of keeping the benefit local within the city.”