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Best total reward statements

Total Reward Site
(Entered by AHC)

Claire Ketchell, senior reward adviser, Asda

This award recognises employers which have successfully integrated total reward statements into their benefits communications strategy.

In a strong category, the judges loved Asda’s revamped, online total reward statements. Elements such as its use of Google Analytics to drive employee engagement and segmentation of messages on promotional tiles impressed the judges across the board.

The judges said: “We loved the link between its strategy and the commercial objectives of the business, and the link between customer service and employee engagement. There are not many organisations that do that.”

The winner said: “We have a really good total benefits package. “We really boosted communications this year with announcements, messages and updates. “Without decent communications, many workers may not realise they have a strong, robust benefits package.”

Highly commended
  • McDonald’s Restaurants
Runners up
  • Eli Lilly and Company, My Reward
  • Johnson Matthey, Elements: 'Bringing your benefits together'
  • Scottish Power (Entered by Benefex)
  • Virgin Holidays