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Best voluntary benefits

Deals on Wheels

Rachel Simms, reward manager, Halfords

For this category, the judges were looking for a successful plan that has used employee-paid, voluntary benefits or staff deals in an effective manner.

Halfords identified an improved voluntary benefits scheme as key to driving the employee engagement it deemed necessary to enable to meet its three-year business strategy, which focused on supporting staff to deliver consistent, friendly service. Despite a limited benefits budget, it successfully launched a revamped voluntary benefits scheme, which met its three main aims: delivering improved staff engagement, driving product advocacy and cost efficiency. The judges were impressed with the results, which saw increased employee engagement scores and annual projected national insurance savings of £182,000.

The judges said: “It wowed us with its staff retention rates and turnover and had really clear results. Its strategy has clearly made a real difference for employees and the business.”

The winner said: ““We do a lot of listening to employees and have an employee engagement survey annually.” “To boost take-up of our benefits, we made sure we had a fun theme, but didn’t want it to look too much like Halfords, which has gone down really well.” “We’ve incorporated a combined, joined-up benefits scheme, which is so important to help employees understand them better.”

Runners up
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  • Experian, Your Rewards
  • Johnson Matthey, More
  • Surrey County Council, MyBenefits (Entered by P&MM Employee Benefits)